Search Engine Optimisation

To ensure that your website or blog can be found in the search engines, it needs to contain the kinds of words that your visitors are using to search with. Most people think that this simply involves stuffing the text of your website with keywords and phrases. But it demands subtler skills than that – the skills of a copywriter who can weave those keywords into the prose so that it appeals to both your readers and the search engines.

You should construct a list of key terms and phrases for each individual page of the site that reflects the content of that page. These terms need to be checked against the search terms that your audience is using. Place yourself in the mind of one of your customers to ascertain the search terms that they would actually use, as opposed to those that you think they do, to ensure that your site really does speak to your target audience in their language.

You can further influence your search ranking by incorporating keywords and phrases in specific areas of each page of your site. These include the page title, page headings, sub headings, main body copy and the hidden page meta-description.

We help our customers to define the keywords and phrases that they want to target and work with them to weave these terms into both new and existing websites.